How Can Students Get SPSS for Free?


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Students can obtain a free trial of the SPSS statistical analysis software by visiting its page on IBM.com and filling out the trial form, though IBM does not offer any programs that allow students to obtain a full version for free, as of 2016. IBM sells the software as part of a larger pack for students, and some external sites and organizations may offer student discounts on purchases as well.

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SPSS allows users to input varying amounts of data and conduct statistical analyses through charts, graphs and running specific queries. Many college courses focusing on specific usage of the software as an industry standard. IBM itself does not offer any special programs that award a full licence for the software for free to students, instead allowing anyone to download a 14-day free trial to experience the full functionality of the tool. Users can also purchase a Student GradPack license that allows access to the program and other tools at a lower rate.

Some third party retailers may sell the program at a discount, sometimes requiring students to provide proof of attendance at a qualifying institution by providing an email address from the school. Some universities may also have their own discount programs or offer special scholarship programs to help cover the cost of purchasing licenses to the software. Students should speak to statistics professors and financial aid advisers to discuss all available options.

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