How Can You View a Straight Talk Phone Coverage Map?

How Can You View a Straight Talk Phone Coverage Map?

Prospective and current Straight Talk customers can view an up-to-date coverage map on the Straight Talk website. Because Straight Talk uses several other providers' cell towers, service area coverage depends on the type of device the customer will be using.

Use the following steps to view Straight Talk's phone coverage map.

  1. Navigate to the Straight Talk website
  2. Use a search engine to find the Straight Talk website or type directly into the URL bar.

  3. Enter the Support area
  4. The coverage map is located in the support area of the website. Hover over the Support tab in the navigation bar at the top of the screen and then click on the Service Area Map link.

  5. Enter in location or phone number
  6. To personalize the service are map, provide a ZIP code or a current Straight Talk phone number.

  7. Select the correct device
  8. Select the device in question from the list available, which can be sorted by type of phone or brand. Note that the phones are labeled by model number.

  9. Choose a plan and adjust the map
  10. Coverage can vary depending on the plan chosen, so select the correct plan on the map screen for an accurate map. Use the zoom controls to the left to check for local or national coverage.