Where Can You Store Images on the Web for Free?

Where Can You Store Images on the Web for Free?

There are dozens of image hosting sites on the Internet that do not charge users a fee to store images, but experts often praise Flickr, 500px and Photobucket as being among the best. Alternatively, social networking accounts can also be used to store images for free online.

Flickr is, perhaps, the most competitive of these sites in terms of the amount of storage space it offers. Free users get a full terrabyte of storage, making it a particularly great choice for photographers who are looking for a cheap way to store larger RAW-formatted pictures. Flickr also supports web embedding, which allows users to include their work in a blog or website.

Serious photographers looking for a more formal online venue on which to showcase, and even sell, their work can upload their images to 500px. The site includes an integrated social network and image sharing service for connecting with content buyers and other artists. Free users are entitled to a maximum of 20 image uploads per week.

On Photobucket, free users are given 2 gigabytes of storage space for their image hosting needs. Images uploaded to Photobucket can be edited using a nifty image editor built right into the site's interface.

As an alternative to dedicated image hosting services, users can also opt to store their pictures on social networks, such as Google Plus, which supports RAW-format uploads. Storage space is shared with Google Drive and Gmail, so free users have a theoretical maximum storage capacity of 15 gigabytes.