How Can I Stop My Webcam From Freezing?

Webcam stalling and lagging can be a problem with the device's configuration, the computer the webcam is running on and/or the computer's Internet connection speed, according to experts at Check all three to make sure the webcam is running as smoothly as possible.

The first thing to do is to ensure the webcam is compatible with the computer being used. This is especially important for after-market, add-on webcams. These devices are rated for computers with specific memory sizes and video processing capability. Also make sure the computer has all the appropriate software loaded, and configured correctly. This could be software that came with the webcam or third party software such as Java or a media player.

Next, check the Device Manager to see if webcam is properly recognized by the computer. Make sure the Device Manager shows no errors for the webcam, and that the webcam drivers are up to date.

If the computer can properly recognize the webcam and it has all the necessary software in place, the problem may be with the Internet connection speed. If the video stream from the camera is maxing out the upload limit, go into the webcam properties and choose a less memory-intensive video quality.