How Can You Stop Spam?

How Can You Stop Spam?

Stop spam by getting a disposable email address. Be careful about checkboxes, and disguise your email address. Do not buy, reply or follow instructions from spam mail.

  1. Get a disposable email address

    Avoid using your real email address anywhere on the Internet, and instead get a disposable one. Disable spam on the disposable email address as soon as you get it. Forward all mail to your real address.

  2. Look carefully at checkboxes

    Look at the checkbox at the end of a form to see if it is checked. This is usually accompanied by a text asking to send mail to your inbox. This box is usually automatically ticked, so uncheck it before proceeding.

  3. Disguise your email address

    Disguise your email address in forums, blogs comments, news groups and chat. Add characters to your email address to obscure it and make it difficult for people to send you spam.

  4. Make your email address difficult to guess

    Spammers sometimes guess obvious email addresses, especially for common names. Make your email address complicated and difficult to guess. Use a long email address consisting of more than one word.

  5. Use a good anti-spam program

    Use a good anti-spam program to prevent spam and delete unsolicited mail.

  6. Do not buy from spammers

    Ignore spammers, and do not visit their website, reply to their email or follow their instructions.