What Can You Do to Stop Harassing Phone Calls?


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One thing that individuals can do to stop harassing phone calls is to ensure that they are signed up for the National Do Not Call Registry that is operated by the Federal Trade Commission. This can be done either online via www.donotcall.gov or via phone by calling 888-382-1222.

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Some states also have do not call lists that residents can register for; however, there are other options that consumers can use to stop unwanted or harassing phone calls. One option is to sign up for a service that gives them the option to screen anonymous, private or unavailable phone numbers. Customers can also use voicemail or answering machines to allow these calls to go unanswered.

Consumers with smartphones may also be able to stop harassing phone calls by adding a phone app that allows them to block certain phone numbers. The Apple iPhone also gives consumers the option to block phone numbers directly in the call history.

If a consumer is receiving harassing phone calls from an individual versus a company, contacting the police may have to be an option. This is especially important if the phone calls are threatening in nature. The police may be able to put a restraining order in place or to assist the individual in regards to getting a permanent no contact order.

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