How Can You Stop Automatic Payment With Straight Talk?

Stop automatic payments to a Straight Talk wireless plan from a debit or credit card by signing into your account, visiting the automatic payments page and turning off the feature or by calling the support line. You may also wish to remove the payment card from your profile to ensure it does not receive any charges.

Straight Talk is a no-contract wireless plan available through Walmart that requires you to purchase a new service plan each month, available as digital or physical cards. Once you register your plan for an online account, you are able to set up an automatic payment schedule that deducts the amount for your plan from a credit or debit card at your specified start date. If you no longer wish to continue your Straight Talk service, or if you wish to simply cease the automatic payments to your card, you must log into your profile and remove the card from the account.

Removing the card from the account only stops future charges and does not cease any pending payments or charges. If you are unable to remove the card through your account, or if you continue to receive charges to the card after editing your account, contact the Straight Talk customer support team and explain the issue. The agent is able to update your billing information and may also be able to refund the charges.