Can a Stolen Laptop Be Tracked?

A stolen laptop can successfully be tracked by identifying the location of an IP address, with a tracking device or by using anti-theft software. A computer’s IP address acts as a beacon that allows the owner to find their property anywhere on the globe when an Internet connection is available. The local police department or recovery service can also help track a stolen laptop and catch the thief.

It is easy to get tracking software installed into the laptop, or one can purchase a laptop with tracking components included. A variety of technology providers offer recovery services to aid their clients in finding stolen laptops and other lost electronic possessions. Anti-theft software can also deter a criminal by sounding an alarm or warning them, and some options allow owners to monitor a thief silently while gathering information about the person.

Both individuals and business professionals are installing tracking devices and utilizing recovery services to track a laptop if it is taken. However, it is more difficult to track a stolen laptop if it has been severely damaged. Some tracking software even locks down the computer, or installs a computer virus that renders the laptop useless for criminals who try to remove the tracking software.