How Can You Speed up Windows 7?


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To speed up Windows 7, reduce the number of applications that activate during the startup process, and uninstall the unnecessary programs. If there isn't enough system memory, limit the number of programs that run concurrently, perform a disk cleanup, and disable the graphically demanding visual effects.

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To specify which applications should run automatically once Windows 7 boots up, access the System Configuration window by clicking on the Start button, type ?system configuration? in the search field, and select System Configuration. After the window opens, click on the Startup tab, and remove the checks from the boxes next to applications and programs that aren't used. Click Yes when prompted to restart the computer. To clean the hard drive, access the Disk Cleanup functionality via the Start menu, check all the boxes, click OK, and then select the Delete Files option.

To delete unwanted programs, access the Control Panel, and click on the Uninstall a Program link. Select the desired programs, click on the Uninstall button, and complete the process by following the wizard instructions. To disable specific visual effects that are slowing down the performance, click Start, type ?performance information? in the search field, and click on Performance Information and Tools. Click on the Adjust Visual Effects link, uncheck the boxes next to the options to disable them, and click OK.

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