How Can You Speed up Your WiFi?


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Wireless access speed can be impaired by different factors, but a slow Wi-Fi connection can usually be remedied by simply changing the wireless channel of the router. Using a less crowded wireless channel means less interference, which facilitates faster speeds.

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  1. Find the least crowded wireless channel

    Using a program such as NetStumbler on a Windows computer or Wireless Analyzer on an Android device, identify the channel with the smallest number of other routers. Stick to channels 1, 6 or 11 whenever possible, as any router set to in-between frequencies, which overlap and cause interference, results in slower wireless speeds.

  2. Log in to the settings Web page for your router

    Following the directions in your router's manual, or with the help of the technical support service of your Internet service provider, log in to the settings Web page for your router. You must be signed in as an administrator in order to change your settings.

  3. Navigate to the wireless settings page

    Once logged in, navigate to the wireless settings page, and look for the wireless channel settings section.

  4. Select the appropriate wireless channel

    In the wireless channel settings section, select the wireless channel you previously identified as least crowded.

  5. Save your new settings, and test your speed

    Save your settings by clicking on the save button on the page. The router may have to restart at this point. Once completed, test to see if your connection has improved. If not, you may need to try other channels until you find the best one.

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