How Can I Speed up My Sony Vaio Laptop?

Like many laptops, the Sony Vaio is prone to running slowly. One method for speeding up a Vaio calls for performing a backup, reinstalling the operating system, and then loading the Vaio's utilities.

  1. Back up your files

    Open the Windows Start menu and click the Control Panel icon. Find the System Maintenance icon, click it and go to Backup and Restore. Click Set Up Back Up, and follow the instructions. By the end of the process, you should have an external drive with your files and settings on it. Make a list of all the programs you are running.

  2. Wipe your computer disk clean, and re-install your operating system

    Download a reputable hard disk cleaner, and wipe the disk according to the program's directions. Re-install your operating system from a Windows Setup disk. After installation, open the Windows Easy Driver application, plug in your external drive and upload your backup. Also, reload the programs you use.

  3. Load the utilities

    Go to the Sony support website for the Vaio, and locate the page for Sony Notebook Utilities. Read the instructions before downloading the program. Once you have completed the download, you should have all of the utilities back on your computer.