Where Can You Find Spanish-to-English Translation Software?


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Translation software capable of translating Spanish content into English can be found on websites of companies such as Babylon, LEC and Promt. Translation utilities such as Babylon 10, Promt Office 10 and Power Translator provide a variety of functions in addition to translation, including voice recognition and text capture.

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Where Can You Find Spanish-to-English Translation Software?
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As of 2015, Babylon offers the latest version of its translation software for free, but it charges for different premium features. These features include a text-to-speech functionality, ability to translate entire documents regardless of the format and an option to select any piece of text and have it translated without opening a new window. Babylon 10 also offers an option to integrate premium dictionaries in addition to providing over 1,700 different encyclopedias and dictionaries for free.

The latest version of the Power Translator offers speech-to-text and text-to-speech functionality that is supported by integrating the speech recognition technology developed by Microsoft. It also provides an option to hover over a specific Spanish word, or select a piece of text regardless of its size, and have an English translation appear next to it.

Promt Office 10 allows easy integration with all applications that are part of the Microsoft Office suite. It also works seamlessly in any program that works under the Windows operating system. The downside of Promt Office 10 is that it’s only compatible with 32-bit applications.

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