Where Can You Find a Soundboard of Funny Clips?

Where Can You Find a Soundboard of Funny Clips?

Find soundboards of funny clips at Soundboard.com and The Room Soundboard. Soundboard.com offers a greater library of soundboards, but charges a fee for some of the sound effects. The Room Soundboard is completely free to use as of 2015.

Check the licensing information before using any of the sound effects from Soundboard.com. The licensing information is listed on the right of each individual page of a soundboard. Some soundboards are only available for personal use and cannot be used in commercial projects.

Soundboard requires an account before displaying download links. Register using the form on the right. Once registered, choose a track from the drop-down menu under Download Tracks and click Download.

In comparison, the Room Soundboard plays the sounds right away when clicked. To download a sound, right click on it and click Save Link As. Specify a download location and click Save. Because all the sounds are from copyrighted work, they cannot be used in commercial projects.

Fair use laws permit the use of copyrighted material in some cases, including certain types of educational purposes, reviews and parodies. In these cases, permission from the copyright owner is not necessary, states FairUse.Stanford.edu. However, it is best to get legal advice if there is any question pertaining to copyright.