How Can Someone Transfer Ringotnes From One Phone to Another?

can-someone-transfer-ringotnes-one-phone-another Credit: thenakedsnail/Moment/Getty Images

Transferring ringtones from one phone to another can be done in various ways, and the technique depends largely on the type of phone and where the ringtone comes from. For example, if someone wishes to transfer a ringtone from one iPhone to another, he or she may have to take the file of the ringtone, like an MP3 or WAV file, and transfer it to the computer of the other person's phone. The individual would then have to use the iTunes interface to sync the new ringtone file to the phone.

However, if someone simply wants to transfer a ringtone to a new iPhone, the file doesn't have to be sent anywhere. Someone can choose to simply upload the file, if it isn't already there, into iTunes and sync it to the new phone.

The method of transfer also depends greatly on what kind of phone is being used and the type of ringtone. Most ringtones are simply MP3 files that can be transferred to any phone in numerous ways. People that have a Bluetooth wireless receiver can receive MP3 files from someone else, and then sync the files to his or her phone. A less common yet very similar method is to use an Infrared wireless link to transfer and download ringtones from someone else.

Many smartphones have Internet access. People can send ringtones to each other over email, dropbox or some other method of exchange. Data cables also come in handy. Similar to how an iPhone plugs into a computer, the data cable comes in handy for PDAs as well. With a data cable, someone can simply plug in his or her phone, extract the ringtone file, and then transfer it to someone else's computer using one of the aforementioned techniques.