How Can You Find Someone to Repair Your Nextbook?

Nextbook provides repairs or replacements for products under manufacturer's warranty. For registered Nextbooks less than one year old, contact Nextbook support to determine whether the manufacturer's warranty applies. Nextbook does not provide any information about authorized third-party repair facilities, but unauthorized repair facilities may be found through repair search sites such as FixFinder.

Nextbook requires a dated proof of purchase for all warranty repairs. The company recommends retaining the original sales receipt for this purpose.

The battery is a consumable part and is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Nextbook estimates that its batteries can be discharged and recharged approximately 300 times before failing. The battery is not user replaceable, and Nextbook warns that consumers should not attempt to replace the battery except when instructed by a trained technician.

Nextbook does not warranty against viruses, problems caused by third-party software or problems caused by third-party accessories. It recommends only using official Nextbook accessories and cautions users not to install or use third-party application stores. Instead, Nextbook recommends that users only install applications from the preloaded app store.

Third-party repair search sites such as FixFinder search by device model and ZIP code to find the nearest repair shop. These facilities are not guaranteed to be manufacturer authorized. Unauthorized repairs can void the manufacturer's warranty in devices that are less than one year old, so owners of devices under warranty should pursue repair through Nextbook before using a third-party source.