Where Can Someone Recycle an Old TV for Cash?

To recycle an old television for cash, contact the manufacturer, a recycling non-profit or a scrap yard. Not all recycling centers pay cash; check with the specific recycling facility to find out its policies. Some manufacturers and stores offer credit toward a new television in lieu of cash, and donations to non-profit organizations may be eligible for tax credit.

Some recycling centers pay recycling fees for customers, and some also offer complimentary pickup for large items such as televisions. Check with the specific store or recycling facility to ensure that it does not assess any fees for these services. Avoid pickup fees by dropping off the television at the facility.

Laws and fees for recycling vary from state to state. Some televisions contain materials legally classified as hazardous. These items must be handled by licensed disposal facilities. If there is any doubt about whether a recycling facility is licensed to accept a particular television, contact the facility prior to recycling the television.

Scrap yards that pay for televisions pay for the scrap metal and circuitry inside of them. Because televisions may contain hazardous materials and capacitors that carry a dangerous electric charge even when unplugged, they should be disassembled by a trained professional.