How Can You Find Someone to Read to You Online?


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Find someone to read to you online through sites such as Craigslist.org, ExperienceProject.com and Verbling.com, as of 2016. Another option is to reach out to friends and connections through social media to inquire about the ability or availability to read stories to you.

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Craigslist.org features multiple sections to use for locating people to read stories to you online, both free of charge and in exchange for compensation. Posting in the Gigs section would require you to offer some form of payment to the reader, which can vary in amount or quantity and does not need to involve money directly. Another option is to post about your need for readers in the Wanted section, as it does not need to carry any compensation. If you wish to trade an item or another service in exchange for someone reading to you, it is also possible to post the ad in the Barter section.

ExperienceProject.com allows users to connect with people in need of experiences, such as wanting to talk to other people. As such, it is possible to use the user search tool on the site to find people who specifically want to read to others, or who are simply interested in talking and ask them to read to you.

Verbling.com helps people looking to learn another language connect with native speakers. You can use the site to find people who want to learn English and have them read to you as practice, or hire an English speaker to read to you.

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