How Can Someone Install a Standard VGA Driver in Windows XP?


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A standard VGA driver cannot be installed in Windows XP because it comes standard with the program. While it cannot be installed, it can be updated and the program can be forced to use it in place of a different driver that may be installed on the operating system.

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For users to be able to force their Windows computer to use the standard VGA driver, any drivers that have been secondarily installed by the user or other computer programs need to be uninstalled. These drivers are mainly comprised of original equipment manufacturer drivers and can cause computers to have issues including random shutdowns of the computer. The program can be installed by accessing the device manager section of the operating system. The computer should be restarted after the driver has been uninstalled to ensure that it is not still running in the background of the computer. The computer will have a dialog box that states new hardware is found. This box can be clicked on and the wizard can be started. The user of the computer should choose "search for suitable driver" and the option to clear all of the search options will come up. The user can then click to disable the device and finish. Once these steps have been completed, the VGA driver will be the driver that is running for the computer.

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