How Can Someone Find a Hotmail Email Address?

Like many email providers, Hotmail has its own directory which can be searched to find the emails of users. The directory contains all of the usernames and passwords used in the Hotmail system.

This information is listed much like how social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook list their directory information. After logging into Hotmail, a user can search for the emails of people they may know. They can also post photos, blogs and other social media-type postings. Any friends that a user has in their contact list will also display information like their phone number and other personal details.

Windows Live Spaces also has a feature called a Contact Card. This makes searching for someone's Hotmail address much easier. The feature acts like a kind of digital business card. People can write messages on their Contact Cards, making it easier for the user to make sure they are contacting the right person.

If the user has trouble searching through the directory for someone's Hotmail email address, there are many free websites on the Internet that allow users to search for Hotmail emails. The key is to have as many personal details and info about a person as possible. This will help the directory and other online search tools narrow down results to find the right person.