How Can Someone Close a Zorpia Account?

In order to close a Zorpia account, effectively ending a Zorpia membership, a person needs to visit the Account Termination page located at The Account Termination page requires users to explain why they are terminating the account, then sends a confirmation email that must be clicked on in order to complete the account termination process.

Zorpia started as a social network in Hong Kong. Though its main purpose was to facilitate photo sharing between users, it has since evolved to focus on helping users connect with each other over the Internet. The creator of Zorpia, Jeffrey Ng, has said that Zorpia functions much like a club, where strangers gather and make new friends. In 2005, Zorpia had roughly 1.5 million users, however, as of 2014, Zorpia has reached 28 million users, although only 1 million of those users are active on a monthly basis. Zorpia is most popular in India, where many of its active registered users currently reside.