How Can Someone Activate a Straight Talk Phone?

How Can Someone Activate a Straight Talk Phone?

To activate a Straight Talk phone, an individual needs to have access to the Internet, full phone details and personal information including name and address. These details can be used to activate the phone through the Straight Talk website.

The main advantages of using Straight Talk phones are that charges are quite competitive, the company has excellent data coverage and Straight Talk customer care is one of the most efficient in the cell phone industry. Follow these steps to activate a Straight Talk phone.

  1. Visit the Straight Talk website
  2. Use a computer or other Internet enabled device such as a tablet and access the Internet. Type in the company's website address.

  3. Start activation process
  4. At the top of the homepage, look for the section marked Active/Reactivate. Point the cursor on that section and watch for a drop down menu to appear.

  5. Select activation option
  6. Once the drop down menu appears, select "phones" as the option for activating the phone in question. There are also options for activating SIM cards, car connections and remote alerts.

  7. Provide details and activate phone
  8. After selecting the correct option, provide the phone details and personal information needed for verification. Follow the instructions provided to have the phone activated.