Where Can You Find a Free Social Security Number Lookup Tool?

Though there are no services that allow users to look up a Social Security number of a person for free, SSNValidator.com and SSA.gov allow users to validate a Social Security number for free using their online platforms. USATrace.com offers a tool for users to look up information about a particular person for a set fee using a name and Social Security number.

To validate a Social Security number, visit SSNValidator.com, and enter the number in the form on the home page, and then accept the Terms and Conditions of the site before performing the search. The website provides information such as the state of issuance, approximate date of issuance, status of issuance and any associate death records.

SSA.gov is a website used primarily by employers to validate employee SSNs. To use the verification tool, users must first register through the website. The Social Security Administration validates information that is provided by the user against information in the SSA files.

To perform a people search using an SSN, type a name and the first three numbers of his Social Security number. Results list the age and location of possible matches. For additional information, click the View Details button, which redirects users to a page that sells detailed reports on individuals. Prices vary according to different packages.