How Can Social Media Be Used As a Free Person Finder?

can-social-media-used-person-finder Credit: Jason Howie/CC-BY 2.0

Users can find people on social media by performing different searches using different search parameters, including a person’s occupation, high school or location. Sites such as Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn can be used to find people.

As one of the largest social media sites, Facebook is the first stop for many users when searching for someone online. Facebook offers a number of options for searches, including name, email, high school or college, workplace and location. The site organizes most users into networks based around these parameters, so even if a search is unsuccessful, it’s often possible to find someone by browsing through their college or workplace network.

Google+ is another of the most prominent social networking sites, making it a useful tool to locate someone. Like Facebook, Google+ allows users to search for people by school, work and location. The site also allows users to import contacts from Yahoo, Hotmail or personal address books and use them to locate people on the site.

As the leading professional social network, LinkedIn is an excellent venue to find people from professional circles. Searching with a person’s name or company can turn up substantial results, and LinkedIn profiles typically offer a greater amount of information than other social media sites, particularly about the work aspects of a person’s life.