How Can Shamrock Images on Google Images Be Uploaded for Free?

Users may not upload shamrock images or other photos directly to Google Images, but they may post pictures, along with text-based descriptions, to online public platforms, such as social media, business or personal websites, and blogs, to make the images accessible to the search engine. It may take several days before newly published images appear in search results for Google and Google Images, depending on the quality of the publishing website and quality of the image.

Google recommends creating a website or blog using a free service such as Google Sites or Blogger as a reliable way to upload photos to Google Images for free. New webmasters and bloggers must follow Google's guidelines for webmasters regarding content and best practices, and then must wait for the site to become indexed by Google so it appears in search results. After this, Google regularly crawls the site to update search rankings and to index new content and images.

Social media outlets, such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+, are another free option. These sites are already established and frequently crawled, but images must be posted for public viewing or they are not included in Google Images search results. Regardless of the platform, users should always post high-quality images and include descriptive and informative captions or "alt" tags so their images are properly read by Google's crawlers.