How Can You Setup a Linskys Router?


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Setting up a Linksys router requires logging into the router's web-based configuration utility and changing settings in the utility. However, many Linksys routers as of 2015 come with some amount of pre-configuration such as default wireless security settings, so often minimal or no configuration is required.

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Linksys routers are configured from the router's configuration utility, which is accessed on most routers at In some configurations, the router's IP address is changed from this default, in which case users must enter that IP address to access the configuration utility. If wireless networking is not enabled on the router, it is necessary to connect an Ethernet cable from a computer to the router directly to log in. It is then necessary to enter the user name and password assigned to the administrator of the router, which defaults to a blank username and password "admin" on most Linksys routers. After logging in, use the menus in the configuration utility to alter settings such as the wireless password and the router's quality-of-service configuration.

Most newer Linksys routers come with a default, randomly generated WiFi network name and password in an effort to improve WiFi security. This information may be printed on the router itself or in its documentation, depending on the router. With these routers, it may be possible to simply connect the router to a cable modem or other access gateway and use the router largely out of the box with minimal configuration.

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