How Can You Set an Alarm Clock on Your Macbook?

Although a Macbook does not offer an official way to schedule an alarm clock, users can set an alarm through to Mac's calendar app. By setting a event on a desired date and turning on the Alarm setting, users can simulate an alarm clock.

With Automator, an application developed by Apple that implements point-and-click (or drag and drop) creation of workflows for automating repetitive tasks into batches for quicker results, users can create an alarm-clock-type workflow by creating an automation that causes the Macbook to play from a playlist in iTunes during a scheduled time and date.

Wake Up Time, an app available on the Mac App Store, allows users to create alarms on their Macs. Wake Up Time allows its users to set the sound or music of an alarm, as well as it's volume. Sporting a large HUD, main switch button and a realistic LCD screen, Wake Up Time offers an easy-to-read user interface.

If a more advanced alarm is needed, some may find use in Apple's Script Editor, allowing the coder to develop their own alarm app to the specifications they need. The Script Editor uses the AppleScript language allowing for easy reading and learning, as AppleScript is a low-level, beginner developing language.