How Can Seniors Benefit From Having a Landline Phone?


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Seniors can benefit from the speed and consistency of landline phones. This can be extremely crucial in emergency situations.

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How Can Seniors Benefit From Having a Landline Phone?
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Cell phones are convenient, but they have a number of drawbacks. Cellular networks can drop calls, get clogged easily, and reception can be inconsistent or poor in some areas. This can make it hard to call 911 or family members during an emergency situation. A dropped call or poor reception can make a difference between life and death in an emergency situation.

Calls from landlines and cellular providers are processed differently by 911. Landline numbers are routed directly to emergency call centers, ensuring that the response personnel on the other end know exactly where calls originate. It is very difficult for staff to determine cellular call location, so callers must supply their address. This can be problematic for callers who cannot speak.

Landline phones have a few other advantages over cell phones that seniors may find useful. The tend to stay in a single location, which can make them easier to find when they ring or when seniors need to make an emergency call. They are also faster and easier to use, which can be crucial in an emergency. In addition, landline phone batteries do not die as quickly as cell phone batteries do.

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