How Can You Send Free Text Messages From PC to Mobile?

Send free text messages from a computer to a mobile device by sending an email to the SMS gateway of the service provider. You can also use MightyText on Android devices or use the Messages app on Apple devices.

To send a free text message by email, compose an email and send it to the SMS gateway of the service provider preceded by the phone number of the recipient. For instance, if the person is an AT&T customer, send the email to an address that looks like: Texts should be kept under 160 characters to avoid requiring MMS, as service providers might have separate gateways for MMS deliveries.

If you have an Android device, use the app MightyText to send text messages free of charge. The app is capable of sending both SMS and MMS from computers and can sync your inbox on your computer and phone. MightyText sends text messages through your phone number. It is not a stand-alone application on computers and as such, a Web browser is required.

Similarly, if you're an Apple user, send text by using the Messages app. The app is capable of sending messages from Mac computers to any of Apple's mobile devices. However, it cannot send messages to non-Apple devices. It is a stand-alone application and does not require a Web browser.