How Can You Send a Picture With a Text Message on an IPhone 4?

Enable MMS options on your iPhone 4 to allow the phone to send photos with text messages. After enabling MMS, open a new message, upload a photo to it and send the message.

  1. Enable MMS

    Tap the Settings icon on your iPhone 4. Then tap the Messages option that appears in the list on the screen. Look next to the MMS Messaging option to make sure it is set to ON. If it is not set to ON, tap the button to turn it on.

  2. Tap the Messages icon

    Tap the Messages icon to open a messaging window. Type the text message you want to send. Do not tap the Send button yet.

  3. Upload a photo

    Tap the camera icon next to the message window. Two options appear. To use an existing photo, tap Photo Library to open a screen in which you may view all of the photos saved to your iPhone 4. Tap to select the photo you want to send. To use a new photo, tap on Take Photo or Video, and take the photo you want to use.

  4. Send the message

    Tap Send at the bottom right of the screen to send the message and photo.