How Can You Send Anonymous E-Cards?

can-send-anonymous-e-cards Credit: Tetra Images/Tetra images/Getty Images

There are hundreds of sites that permit people to send e-cards for free. Many allow people to do so anonymously including Get Revenge on Your Ex, Anonymous Hints and This Is Going to Be Awkward.

In some cases when sending an e-card, one may wish to remain anonymous, as when sending a card to someone that a person secretly admires, or to a colleague or supervisor the sender does not particularly like. Some anonymous e-card sites emphasize practical topics. Others, such as This Is Going to Be Awkward (TIGTBA), specialize in snarkier notifications. TIGTBA e-cards come in a simple postcard style, without collecting any identifiable details from the sender. The only customization the site offers is the note’s signature, which is not the name of the sender. Depending on the relationship, a person can sign off as a friend or lover.

Needless to say, civility and common sense should always guide interpersonal communications. The fact that a person harbors a negative opinion does not mean that person must remain quiet, according to Time. The manner in which a person says what he wishes to say makes all the difference. Even when sending negative e-cards, one should avoid ad hominem attacks and opinions which are genuinely offensive.