Where Can You Sell a Razor 800?


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You can sell a new, used, or refurbished Razor 800 online through eBay, Craigslist, ATV.com and ATVTrader.com. You can also sell a Razor 800 through a local ATV dealership, which often offer buy-back programs and classified listings for those interested in selling an ATV.

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While eBay, ATV.com, and ATVTrader.com all offer a wide selection of certified pre-owned and new vehicles, Craigslist offers a very small selection of new vehicles and does not offer certified pre-owned vehicles. Craigslist.com also does not offer any form of buyer or seller protection in the case of fraud or other issues during the course of a sale. In contrast, eBay.com, ATV.com, and ATVTrader.com all offer some form of buyer and seller protection along with a grace period in which buyers are allowed to return their purchases if they are not completely satisfied. Despite this, sellers on Craigslist do have access to local audiences that don't necessarily browse larger automotive websites for purchases.

For people who want to perform a local sale but require a full guarantee of payment and quality, ATV.com offers users access to a nationwide selection of local classified listings and even moderates all sales through their listings. This helps ensure a hassle-free selling or buying experience and provides greater security than a sale through Craigslist.

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