How and Where Can You Sell Old Vinyl Records?


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Sell vinyl records by grading their sound quality and appearance, determining their version and general selling price and then listing them on sites such as Discogs or eBay. The market for vinyl records has grown significantly throughout the 2000s.

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Before selling a record, it’s important to gauge both its sound quality and physical appearance. Judging sound quality involves playing the record, ideally all the way through, in order to listen for auditory problems such as skipping or warping. Even records that appear pristine can have audio problems, so a play test is always an advisable step. Visually grading the record involves examining its physical appearance for damage, inspecting both the vinyl and the record sleeve. The universal scale used by record collectors is called the Goldmine Scale, which grades records from “Near Mint” all the way down to “Fair.”

After grading a record, a seller must determine its precise version. Many popular records are repressed numerous times, and older or rarer versions are almost always the most valuable. Websites such as Discogs can help users determine which versions they possess. After determine the version, sellers should look up general pricing on websites such as Discogs, Popsike and CollectorsFrenzy. These sites aggregate the prices for previous online sales of specific records, giving sellers a sense of a record’s value.

Finally, sellers can post their records on marketplace sites such as Discogs or eBay. Both sites are widely used by record collectors.

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