What Can You Sell in an EBay Outlet Store?


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Vendors can sell new products, end-of-line stock, refurbished goods or any other item that does not violate eBay's outlet store policies and local laws. Products sold on these stores can range from electronic items to apparel and can even include product spares and parts.

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EBay outlet stores allow vendors to sell new, used or refurbished items, including in-house displays or products that are not really suitable for direct sales in physical stores. Vendors can also sell collectibles, antiques, crafts and art, as long as they have all the required paperwork, and it is in accordance with local regulations.

While vendors can sell virtually any product on eBay's outlet stores, listing or selling some items is restricted and, in some cases, prohibited. Prohibited items include drugs, live animals, firearms, human body parts, and illicit or illegal services. EBay provides a list of prohibited or restricted items, some of which vary depending on vendor location.

In order to sell music, movies or digital publications, eBay might require vendors to first get clearance before they list their products on their outlet stores. Similar clearances might be required for specific products, such as alcohol, adult-only products, prescription drugs, plants and seeds, event tickets and gift cards.

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