How Can You Sell a Broken TV?


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Some online stores pay for broken televisions, although many seek to restore the television and sell it, so they might not accept a television that can't be fixed. Recycling centers might also pay for a broken television.

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How Can You Sell a Broken TV?
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Local stores that specialize in television sales might also pay for a television that no longer works. Many small stores that sell televisions have experts who specialize in television repair, so a television they can restore is likely one they can sell. If the unit is too damaged, however, it might not be worth repairing.

Another option to consider is recycling the television. Even if the television is unsalvageable, it contains copper, which can be sold. It likely also contains trace amounts of gold and silver in addition to rare earth elements, so government recycling incentives might make dismantling a television profitable for commercial recycling businesses.

On newer televisions, the screen is often the most expensive component, so a screen that needs a complete replacement might cost nearly as much as a new television. In some cases, however, televisions can break due to a faulty electrical component. Circuit boards can also fail, and replacement, which typically requires some expertise and soldering skills, can restore a seemingly broken television.

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