How Can You See Text Messages Online?


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Some cell phone service providers list text messages on the user accounts kept on official websites, and new and old text messages are accessible if a user logs into the website. In addition, some cell phones are compatible with text messaging applications that connect to computers that can check texts.

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How Can You See Text Messages Online?
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Cell phone providers, such as AT&T and Verizon, have official websites that contain text messaging information if an account is set up on them. Accessing this information requires logging in using credentials either set up beforehand when buying the phone or at a later time when such services are needed. These websites list text messages because the service logs them as they come through the provider.

Smart phone applications work in a similar manner. When a smart phone app picks up that a text message has been sent or received by the phone's service, the app logs the text and saves it to a computer. These applications, such as MySMS and MightText, are sometimes used to monitor the texting usage of household members in addition to the ability to check messages in the event that a cell phone breaks. Applications such as these have matching components in the form of browser plug-ins.

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