Where Can You See an AT&T U-Verse Channel Guide?

can-see-t-u-verse-channel-guide Credit: Gary Houlder/Taxi/Getty Images

An AT&T U-verse channel guide can be found on AT&T Savings. The guide covers all the channels that can be found for TV packages such as U-family, U200, U300 and U450.

For example, channels such as CNN International, Encore and Centric are listed under the U300 TV package. The AT&T U-verse guide mentions how U300 includes all the channels for U200 under the U300 TV channel guide. But, only the extra channels for U300 TV package are listed under the U300 TV channel guide. U-family TV package offers the least number of channels, followed by U-200, U300 and U450. The guide also includes Music Choice channels, which cover music genres, such as pop, country, dance, rock, classical and urban.