How Can You See the S&P Index Chart History on Yahoo?

Go to the website and click on the S&P 500 menu item at the top of the page to view the Standard and Poor's index chart with historical data. To use an interactive version of the chart, click on Interactive under the Charts menu item on the left side of the S&P 500 page.

A number of options are available to help investors interpret the historical data in the Yahoo S&P 500 interactive chart. The top of the chart has options to view a graph of prices from the past one day or five days, all the way up to the past 10 years. Alternatively, you can enter a custom date range, or click on Max to view a chart containing all historical data going back to Jan. 1, 1950.

Yahoo also offers a choice of indicators for price data such as a simple moving average, an exponential moving average, a relative strength index, and Bollinger Bands; the data may be plotted on a linear or logarithmic scale. Investors can compare the S&P graphically to the Dow Jones Industrial Average or the Nasdaq Average. After you create a chart that meets your needs, you can print a hard copy.