Can You See Who Browser Your Facebook Profile?

There is no way for a Facebook member to view who has looked at their wall or photos unless a message has been left or a photo has been commented or or "liked" by the visitor. This is due to Facebook's privacy regulations. Several applications and programs exist that claim to have a formula that allows Facebook members to find out who has been checking out their pages, but these applications cost money and do not work.

While there is no absolute way for Facebook members to learn who has anonymously been viewing their profile page and photos, certain clues exist that members can watch out for that may point to who visits their pages more than others. On the left hand side of every Facebook member's page, there is a group of photos referred to as the "friends list."

This group of photos tends to feature the friends that the member interacts with most on Facebook. If certain Facebook friends continue to show up in this list even though the member has no interaction with them, it is possible that these individuals are constantly checking out the member's Facebook friends. This theory is based on studies of Facebook's algorithms and has not been proven as an absolute fact.