Where Can You Get the Screen on Your Phone Replaced?


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Some manufacturers, many retail stores and some specialty shops repair phone screens. In addition, instructions are often available online that describe the screen replacement process, allowing users to replace their own broken screens.

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Where Can You Get the Screen on Your Phone Replaced?
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Screens represent the weakest part of smartphones; a simple drop can crack the strongest of screens, even if a phone has a case. As a result, a wide range of companies offer screen repair services. Phone manufacturers often provide this service, as do electronics retailers. Even some seemingly unrelated companies offer to replace screens. Batteries Plus, for example, repairs iPhone devices even though they don't sell them.

Some small companies specialize in screen repairs, and they sometimes offer their services at a discount compared to other companies. Replacing screens is relatively simple, and these companies often replace multiple screens every day. Having a screen replaced by the manufacturer, however, may provide a warranty if the part is faulty.

Smartphone screens actually have two components: the screen itself and the digitizer, which detects touches. Knowing which part is broken can help owners save money if they want to replace their own screens. While replacement components are available for a wide range of devices, instructions for replacing them might be harder to find. Still, it's often easy to find instructions for popular smartphones.

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