How Can You Save Battery Power on a Samsung Galaxy S3?


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The three main ways to save battery power in a Samsung Galaxy S3 is to disable some of the connectivity, put it in power saving mode and reduce the brightness of the screen. There are other things that reduce the number of applications and functions that are running which can also help.

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Managing battery life on a Samsung Galaxy 3 is typically a balance between active functionality, and preserving power. Below are the best ways to preserve that power.

  • Switch off some of the connectivity - one of the best ways to extend the battery life of a Galaxy S3 is to switch off things like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS when they are not in use
  • Power saving mode - make sure the Power Saving Mode is switched on in settings
  • Reduce the brightness - lowering the brightness of the display can also help. This is done by going to Settings then Display and then Brightness
  • Check which apps are running - many apps constantly run in the background. Some will be needed but the rest can be stopped. To do this first check the list of running apps by going to Settings and then Battery. Tap the apps that should be stopped, and then tap Force Stop
  • Disable device functions - if there are device functions switched on, but that are not being used, disable them. Swipe down from the top of the screen to see the list of functions and edit them
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