How Can I Get Rid of Slugs Inside a Home?


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Diatomaceous earth, beer and removing places where slugs live are some ways to eliminate or reduce the presence of slugs. Identifying the place where slugs are entering the home is a necessary step to improve the effectiveness of baits and traps.

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Move lumber piles, stacks of firewood and potted plants away from the home to prevent slugs from entering. Slugs typically live in dark, damp areas, such as under piles of leaves, so it is necessary to remove any debris where slugs may hide. Open vents to the crawlspace to ensure that the area isn't suitable for slugs. If necessary, install weather stripping around doorways and repair cracks or crevices where slugs may enter the home.

If the slugs leave visible trails identifying their entry-way into the home, using beer traps is an effective solution. To make beer traps, pour beer into shallow bowls placed directly in pathways and near entrances to attract slugs. Empty the bowls, and replace the beer daily until slugs are no longer found in the trap.

Diatomaceous earth prevents slugs from entering the home by damaging the slugs' soft bodies. Sprinkle the diatomaceous earth around the home and in damp areas, such as around garden faucets. Commercial slug bait or slug repellent is also an option. Place it in locations where slugs have been observed, and add additional bait every two weeks to minimize slug populations in the home.

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