How Can You Get Rid of Pop-up Ads?

Get rid of popup ads that are not caught by your Web browser's built-in popup blocker by installing ad-blocking software like Adblock Plus. Installing Adblock Plus takes no more than a few minutes, and the software typically requires no additional configuration to block popup ads.

  1. Go to

    Open a browser window, and go to The Adblock Plus homepage automatically detects the browser you are using and presents you with an install button for that particular browser.

  2. Download the Adblock Plus extension

    Click on the Install button on the Web page to download the Adblock Plus extension. If you are using Opera, clicking the Install button takes you to the Adblock Plus page on, where you click on the Add to Opera button to download the program.

  3. Install Adblock Plus

    When prompted, click the Add or Install button to install Adblock Plus on your browser. If you are using Firefox, you may also be prompted to allow to install software on your computer. Adblock Plus starts automatically after it is installed and begins to block popup ads on any new Web pages you visit. Any Web pages you had open before installing Adblock Plus must be refreshed before any change becomes noticeable.