How Can You Get Rid of an Internet Security Virus?


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To remove an Internet security virus, restart the computer in Safe mode, and make sure the virus definitions are up to date before performing a virus scan. Quarantine and remove the infected files.

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An Internet security virus is a piece of malware that targets and attacks users through infected websites. It also transfers through corrupted video codecs and infected email attachments. It uses a carefully designed pop-up window that imitates legitimate security warnings to alert the user of a security breach, scaring him into downloading and installing the virus. It automatically scans the computer and reports that multiple files are infected and then offers to delete and repair them if the user pays for a license.

To protect itself, the virus disables system utilities, blocking the user from accessing the programs that allow him to remove the infected files easily. It also modifies Windows files associations to trigger a fake pop-up alert notifying the user that the file he is attempting to access has been infected and is unsafe.

This virus is a scam that steals both financial information and identities. It is possible to stop the virus from continuously sending out alerts by typing in a free registration code, but this does not remove it from the computer.

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