Where Can You Find Reviews of the Clear TV Antenna?

Komo 4 News, BrightReviews and HighYa all carry in-depth reviews of the Clear TV antenna. This includes both an analysis of the device's performance as well as the accuracy of the claims of the manufacturer as to what the Clear TV antenna can actually do.

Clear TV claims to bypass the need for cable, allowing users to receive free HD broadcasts. It additionally claims that users can receive access to hundreds of channels.

The device is actually just an antennae to help pick up freely broadcast, local signals. Premium cable channels cannot be received with this device. This typically includes major networks and some UHF channels in metropolitan areas. In practice, this translates to an average of eight to 10 channels in most large cities.

With a range of 25 to 30 miles, the antennae may not be suitable for farther-out suburban and rural areas. Additionally, there are reported issues with reception in low-lying areas as many channels require line of sight to a relay tower for reception.

It is also noted that the antenna may be unnecessary for users depending on their TV. TVs manufactured after 2007 are required to have an ATSC tuner. This tuner allows the TV to display digital format signals on its own. While an antennae may still be necessary, a simple and inexpensive old style antenna such as rabbit ears may be all that is needed for reception.