Where Can You Find Reviews of Acer Laptops?

Reviews of Acer laptops are available on websites such as LaptopMag.com, Cnet.com and ComputerShopper.com. These reviews typically feature a list of pros and cons, introduce the features, analyze the design, and measure performance using software such as PCMark 8 and 3DMark Cloud Gate.

To access the Acer laptop reviews on LaptopMag.com, hover over the Laptops by Brand button, click on Acer, and select a laptop. On Cnet.com, hover over the Reviews button, click on the Laptops link, and select Acer from the Manufacturers section. On ComputerShopper.com, hover over More, click Research by Brand, select Acer, and click on Acer Laptops. Unlike the other two websites, Cnet.com lets users filter the list of Acer laptops and their reviews based on the operating system, processor, screen size and price range.