How Can You Review Your Order History With Major Online Retailers?

How Can You Review Your Order History With Major Online Retailers?

To review a order history with most major online retailers, the customer logs in to the established account and visits the order page, as evidenced by and The procedure varies according to the retailer.

If the customer doesn't have an account with the retailer, he uses other information to find an order, such as the order number, his name or his phone number. Some retailers allow customers to place orders without registering for an account, while others require registration.

An order history page typically lists previous orders and provides a few details about each order. For more information, the customer clicks on the order listed to open the order page for that item. Available order information may include the billing information, shipping address, payment source and the item.

The customer can sometimes modify an order through the order page. Retailers typically indicate orders that can be modified with a Modify or Edit button. Whether the order is able to be modified depends on the order status and the retailer. Some online retailers don't allow modifications, but many allow them up to a certain point, such as after they process the order.

Customers can also track orders on the orders page. Some retailers offer tracking through their websites, while others provide the tracking number from the delivery company.