Where Can You Reverse Lookup an Email Address for Free?

To reverse lookup an email address for free, visit PeopleSmart or ThatsThem, select Email or Email Address from the menu, type the email address into the search box at the top of the website, and then click the Search button. The online search tools on these sites scan various websites, blogs and social network platforms linked to the provided email address and then display the search results.

ThatsThem comes with an advanced search feature to help users find more accurate results when they provide additional information, such as the IP address, location, phone number and name of the person. The search results on PeopleSmart fall into three main categories, which include social media, public photos and owner information. The search tool browses different websites, blogs, forums or online social networks that contain photos associated with the provided email address. Some personal information generated by the search results include names, contact details and physical addresses.

Alternatively, type the email address into the search bar of popular social network websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, and check whether any profiles are associated with the provided email address. Browse the related profiles on social media to view additional information about the user.