How Can You Retrieve Text Messages Without a Phone?

Spy phone programs let people retrieve text messages from a smartphone without accessing the phone physically. These programs forward the text messages received by the phone to an online account automatically, and users can retrieve the messages by logging into the account.

Some spy phone programs are Mobile Spy and mSpy. Mobile Spy is available for iOS, Android and Blackberry; however, it only supports jailbroken iPhones with iOS 8.4 and later versions. MSpy is available for iOS and Android phones. To retrieve the logged messages, go to the website of one of these programs, and log into the online control panel. Mobile Spy users can also choose to receive the logs by email.

As of November 2015, Mobile Spy offers two types of membership: basic and premium. The basic membership costs $49.97 for three months, while the premium membership costs $64.97 for three months. MSpy offers three types of membership: basic, premium and family kit. The basic membership costs $29.99 monthly, while the premium membership costs $69.99 per month. The family kit costs $359.97 for six months.

The only way to retrieve text messages from a non-smartphone is to email each text message received by the phone to an email address.