How Can You Restore a Computer's Original Settings?


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To restore a computer that uses the Windows 8 operating system to default settings, use the Refresh or Reinstall option from the Update and Recovery tab. To do the same thing in Windows 7, open the Advanced Recovery Methods screen and select the Reinstall Windows option.

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To access the Update and Recovery tab in Windows 8, open the Charms bar, click on the Change PC Settings link, and select Update and Recovery. Once the screen appears, click on the Get Started button below the Refresh Your PC option, and follow the instructions until the process is complete. Although it doesn't perform a complete reset to default settings, the advantage of this method is that it doesn?t remove files, personalized settings or downloaded apps. The alternative method is more thorough, but it removes all personal files. Both methods require a recovery partition or the Windows 8 installation disc.

To reset the settings to default values in Windows 7, click on the Start button, type ?recovery? in the search field, select the Recovery entry from the result list, and click on Advanced Recovery Methods. Insert the Windows 7 installation disc, and select the Reinstall Windows option. This method typically saves existing files to a separate folder, but you can avoid the risk of losing your files in the process by performing a backup before proceeding with the reinstallation.

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