How Can You Reset the Login Password for a Computer Running Windows 7?


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Resetting the password on a Windows 7 computer varies whether the machine is part of a workgroup or domain. If it is in a workgroup, users reset the password to an account by inserting a password reset disk or flash drive.

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How Can You Reset the Login Password for a Computer Running Windows 7?
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Upon failing to enter the correct password, the user must click "Reset password" before inserting the disk or flash drive. The Password Reset wizard then prompts the user to follow a series of instructions that culminate in the creation of a new password. If users forget the new password, they can use the same password reset software again. If a password reset disk is unavailable, a user with administrative privileges can reset the password for the account in question. However, this option carries the risk of users losing specific files native to their accounts.

If the computer is a part of a domain, users can reset the password for a local account by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking User Accounts, clicking the next iteration of User Accounts and finally clicking Manage User Accounts. An administrator password may be necessary. The user account name and Reset Password option are under the Users tab, and only network administrators can reset domain passwords.

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